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Ловись, проблема, велика і мала

Все більше фотографій робиться на телефон. Є спокуса реалізувати цю можливість на стоках. З іншої сторони, гонка мегапікселів, здається, ніколи не закінчиться. А ще є дрони і відео…

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Alamy переводить мурали в editorial

Фотобанк Alamy сповіщає, що у відповідь на численні скарги від вуличних художників про порушення їх авторських прав, зображення стріт-арту будуть обмежені у використанні лише “editorial use”.

Цитата: “… ми нещодавно спостерігали збільшення кількості скарг, які ми отримували від вуличних митців. 
Наші юристи порадили нам, що до зображень, що містять мурали …, мають застосовуватися “редакційні обмеження”. Щоб запобігти будь-яким потенційним проблемам, ми прийняли рішення застосувати це обмеження до колекції Alamy для всіх зображень, позначених “mural” або “murals.

Процес обробки колекції Alamy триває. Варто переглянути, які саме зображення з вашого портфоліо обмежені у використанні. Якщо обмеження застосоване помилково, треба звернутись до Alamy Copyright Team.

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11 July. Rukka resort

This time the object of our attention is a Finnish mountain-skiing resort of Rukka. Finland as a Greece got everything – forest, lakes, mountains, a lot of snow at winter, perfect roads and good service. We have find the corner to Rukka on the informational stand near the route. This is a European (and Scandinavia) practice – start the meetings for auto-tourists with the information about local attractions and fresh detailed maps. It is very helpful.

Ski Resort Rukka

From the top of the mountain, where the main lifter is standing, you can see a large mallow. It is covered with forest and mirror-like lakes. Groups of the walkers with skis equipment are passing us near the road. There is an iron gutter down the peak, through which you can slip down on the wagon with a hand brakes. Fillings are indescribable – this is a flight between clouds and greens. Продовження

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31 July. France. Paris. Ending of The Raid

At this day we’ve got a lot of driving through the freeways. It is really different from the Finnland forests and the Norway fjords. At last we have reached the Paris. The semifinal has happened on the Nation Square, near that beautiful house. The pétanque players didn’t notice us and the life in city is still as usual.



This is the Desmond Whitechurch, 81 years old. He is the eldest raider, who has reached the finish. He is a very charming man. The age is not an obstacle for journey. Продовження

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30 July. Netherlands

The journey is coming to its end. We are at Netherlands. We have decided to visit the small town near the coast. We have left the car in the underground parking and then we are going for a walk.

Statue of a woman on the bridge


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29 July. Return

Netherlands. The windmills and big horned cattle are unbreakably connected. There are also a lot of channels and green grass.


The windmills are everywhere and their verity is incredible. The wind is always blowing and the giant blades are never stops. Продовження

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28 July. Norway. Bergen

The Bergen has met us with the rain.


There is a historical quarter Bryggen in the neighborhood with giant liners near the port. This is big massive of the ancient wooden buildings, which were crossover by tight streets made of wooden roadway. There is everything is made of wood. The warm and benevolent rain is falling from above. Продовження

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27 July. Norway. Trollstigen

We have spent night in camping with this cute Norwegian house as neighbour. The mountains were covered with clouds.


According to roadbook, today we shall see the Trollstigen –The Road Of The Trolls. This is the one of the most visited places in Norway. And also the one of the most beautiful places, as we realize sooner.


On the road we have moved along the miraculous lake, which was decorated with forest and mountain.


The sky are actually admiring with their reflection in water.


According to sayings of our legendary Simon, the trolls are the basic part of the Scandinavia believing. They are living in mountains. Firstly they were gigantic, non-complicated and very strong. They were able to cause a lot of trouble to Mankind, like angry yeti or even the rocky golem.


But after the arrival of the Christianity trolls become nothing more than little hooligans.


This photo shows what have they become now:


Little height, long hands with lap-covering palms and bog ears – that is what they have become (Evolution is a very smart joker, like her friend – Destiny).


The green transparent water is flowing down from the mountains. We are approaching to the gorge Trollstigen. The road is curling on the mountain slope. The height margin error is one kilometer. From above you can see the tight gutter of the valley in the sharp and steep slopes. Somewhere in the middle of the lift we have stopped near the waterfall.


One question is remains unsolved: “How do these big buses manage to overcome this road?”


The gorge is filled with tourists. What is topical, that we didn’t meet not a single motorcyclist or the bicyclist from the Ukraine in Norway, only Italians, Swedes and Austrians.


The gorge himself is building up and there are a lot of kiosks with souvenirs. There is a fenced viewing platform above the abyss.


There is a flat road leading to valley is stand after the gorge. There are the waterfalls and stormy streams flowing in the blue lakes. There is a snow on the tops of the mountains.


There are the resting houses, little hotels for silence and clear mountain air lovers.


The water in the mountain rives is transparent and pure. According to the information shields there are the salmons.


It should be cool to moving through mountain on the retro-cabriolet.


People in the valley grow and sell the strawberry. This automobile has the same color. Our way was leading through the another ferry.


The Norwegian ferries are performing the bigger part of functions of the automobile and rail roads.


This ferry duration was not too long so we are moving along the lakes again.


There is an original place for picnic on the roadside – the table made by trolls from the solid piece of rock and surrounded by wooden and rocky benches.


This is the Sogne-Fjord or the one of its spurs. It is the most beautiful of all fjords, according to sayings of the travelers.


The ship is moving out of the berth.



The way is near the steep mounts with water streams, which flying down from the 200 meters height.


The giant ferry is looks like just the toy ship surrounded by this fabulous tectonic formations.


That is how we remember the Norway – the old houses on the coast of the fjord, sky-blue lakes, strawberry and the purple flowers on the sideroad.


The deep rivers are carrying the streams of water back to Atlantic, take back everything that clouds carried on their powerful shoulders.


To be continued…

Table of Contents: Raid Paris – North Cape 2010 Daily Reports

  1. 3 July. Paris. The beginning of The Raid
  2. 3 July. The beginning of The Raid. Part Two
  3. 4 July. Denmark. Copenhagen
  4. 4 July. Denmark. Ferry on Svedish side
  5. 5 July. Sveden. Hamlet and the people
  6. 6 July. Sveden. Stockholm
  7. 6 July. Scansen
  8. 7 July. Helsinki
  9. 8 July. One hundred thousand of lakes
  10. 9 July. Finnish lifestyle
  11. 10 July. Finland. Passing the night on nature
  12. 11 July. Silent people
  13. 11 July. Rukka resort
  14. 12 July. Trip through the natural reserve
  15. 13 July. Finland
  16. 14 July. Finland. Further to the North
  17. 15 July. Norway. Hemningberg
  18. 16 July. On the place. North Cape
  19. 16 July. Mageroya
  20. 17-18 July. Trip to the Soroya Island
  21. 19-20 July. Tromso
  22. 21 July. Lofoten Islands
  23. 22-23 July. Norway. Hobbits and foxes
  24. 24-25 July. Sveden. Deers and camping
  25. 26 July. Norway. Trondheim
  26. 27 July. Norway. Trollstigen
  27. 28 July. Norway. Bergen
  28. 29 July. Return
  29. 30 July. Holland
  30. 31 July. France. Ending of The Raid
  31. Paris – North Cape 2010. Results

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