13 July. Finland

I should accent that Finns take a holidays in their own country pretty often. They consider their nature as the most beautiful in this corner of the galaxy (what is almost right).

Lake with clear water

That kind of powerful beautiful north deer we have met on the road. Also take a look at the quality of the pointing and road-cover of the Finnish suburb.

Deer on the road

We were drove near the hydro-node on the river with that kind of the waterfall. As Finland is standing in the zone of Gulfstream activity there is no problem with precipitates. The rivers , streams and waterfalls are widespread in here.


Our crew is at the roadside of the gravel route in the forest. In day we were usually made up 450 to 700 kilometers depending on the difficulty of the path and state of the road.

Gravel roadWe have seen this woman in the mosquito suit, who is walking with her dog. Dog didn ’t wear such cloth. There is a bad situation with mosquitoes in Finland. There are a lot of them when temperature is rise up 20 degrees. Like today.

Walking with dog

Sometimes we are moving like column with clouds of dust, but usually we are choosing places for shots and relax by ourselves.

On the march

On the timeout in Finnish camping I have made this photo, which have conquered hearts of the judges on the First Grand Jury in Kuusamo. It is easy to make such photos in the Finland at the summertime. In that day the sunset was four hours long! We are close to the polar circle!

Boat on the water – best picture

We have met the young couple in the reserve. They are the tourists from Prague.
They were also very kind to posing for our shots .

Who would have thought that this is not the Finns?

As it comes, we realize that knowing of a little English will help you to interact with locals. We are correcting the path with the local (second on the left). He has revealed himself as the Helsinki liver and the owner of the outskirt house in this region. Together we have describe the last number of the capital newspaper. It’s a shame that material about the raid shows up only on the next day.

Communication of the two crews with Finn

Table of Contents: Raid Paris – North Cape 2010 Daily Reports

  1. 3 July. Paris. The beginning of The Raid
  2. 3 July. The beginning of The Raid. Part Two
  3. 4 July. Denmark. Copenhagen
  4. 4 July. Denmark. Ferry on Svedish side
  5. 5 July. Sveden. Hamlet and the people
  6. 6 July. Sveden. Stockholm
  7. 6 July. Scansen
  8. 7 July. Helsinki
  9. 8 July. One hundred thousand of lakes
  10. 9 July. Finnish lifestyle
  11. 10 July. Finland. Passing the night on nature
  12. 11 July. Silent people
  13. 11 July. Rukka resort
  14. 12 July. Trip through the natural reserve
  15. 13 July. Finland
  16. 14 July. Finland. Further to the North
  17. 15 July. Norway. Hemningberg
  18. 16 July. On the place. North Cape
  19. 16 July. Mageroya
  20. 17-18 July. Trip to the Soroya Island
  21. 19-20 July. Tromso
  22. 21 July. Lofoten Islands
  23. 22-23 July. Norway. Hobbits and foxes
  24. 24-25 July. Sveden. Deers and camping
  25. 26 July. Norway. Trondheim
  26. 27 July. Norway. Trollstigen
  27. 28 July. Norway. Bergen
  28. 29 July. Return
  29. 30 July. Holland
  30. 31 July. France. Ending of The Raid
  31. Paris – North Cape 2010. Results
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