4 July. Denmark. Copenhagen

Next day our route led us to the ferry!

The sea is overboard

It looks like its twin-brother.


Honestly it has been a little cultural shock. I think a ferry is a raft, which needs to be pulled with a rope to get over the opposite side. The local ferries are different. This is a giant handsome vessel, which is able to produce good speed on the tough sea waves and carry a lot of cars and people. On the ferry you can eat and drink, stare on the seagulls and relax before the next episode of trip. This path has led us to the capital of the Denmark  Copenhagen, which locals are called K?benhavn. 


This is a beautiful and peaceful city. It is very nice to wander through its embankments and stare at the bikers or the pleasure boats.

Recognizable poster

Judging by the posters, local cinemas are showing the same as Kyiv’s does.

The street

There is water instead of the cobblestone street, and the yachts instead of the houses.

The lady riding a bike

The amount of blondies in the Copenhagen is just a little bit smaller than in Stockholm. Most of them ride a bicycle.

To be continued…

Table of Contents: Raid Paris – North Cape 2010 Daily Reports

  1. 3 July. Paris. The beginning of The Raid
  2. 3 July. The beginning of The Raid. Part Two
  3. 4 July. Denmark. Copenhagen
  4. 4 July. Denmark. Ferry on Svedish side
  5. 5 July. Sveden. Hamlet and the people
  6. 6 July. Sveden. Stockholm
  7. 6 July. Scansen
  8. 7 July. Helsinki
  9. 8 July. One hundred thousand of lakes
  10. 9 July. Finnish lifestyle
  11. 10 July. Finland. Passing the night on nature
  12. 11 July. Silent people
  13. 11 July. Rukka resort
  14. 12 July. Trip through the natural reserve
  15. 13 July. Finland
  16. 14 July. Finland. Further to the North
  17. 15 July. Norway. Hemningberg
  18. 16 July. On the place. North Cape
  19. 16 July. Mageroya
  20. 17-18 July. Trip to the Soroya Island
  21. 19-20 July. Tromso
  22. 21 July. Lofoten Islands
  23. 22-23 July. Norway. Hobbits and foxes
  24. 24-25 July. Sveden. Deers and camping
  25. 26 July. Norway. Trondheim
  26. 27 July. Norway. Trollstigen
  27. 28 July. Norway. Bergen
  28. 29 July. Return
  29. 30 July. Holland
  30. 31 July. France. Ending of The Raid
  31. Paris – North Cape 2010. Results
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