22-23 July. Norway. Hobbits and foxes

The sun is going to the south while we are moving. It looks like soon there will be the real night.


At 22 July evening we have reached the place of the camping. There are fertile valley, little farms and rivers with salmons. The weather is ideal for fishing – the rain shower. Without  any sarcasm.

Check point under rain

We didn’t want to place tents in the puddle, so we are seeking for little hotel for the fishermen and fall to sleep. The moving was hard.

Stand for weighing fish at the hotel with weights and a bell

The hall of the little hotel is covered with photos of fishermen with noticeable trophies in hands. There is a fishing store, where also fishermen are taking the license for fishing. Every livers are looks same: high hills and water-protecting clothes. At morning we are moving along the river and go up on the mountains. If the computer didn’t lie the temperature is 4 degree Celsium. Autotourism is the perfect method to overwinter the summer.

The drop in temperature to 4 degrees

Behind the passover the weather change entirely.

Norwegian pennant on the grassy roof

We have stopped on the gas station before the Swedish borderland.

The house with a roof of turf

Another climb in the mountains and here the Sweden verge.

On crossing the border recalls only the standard Euro-shield

There is a piece in the valleys. In the small town on the coast of the gigantic lake two dealing men in overalls are overloading the fishing equipment on the silver hydroplane.

Hydroplane berth

The weather is perfect and the plane is ready for the flight. With such amount of lakes the aircraft is the best transportation.

The ideal transport for Swedish fishermen

The foliage has become more lush in comparison to tough mounts of Overpolar. We have been moving through forest road. The fox have crossed the road with some small creature in the teeth. She isn’t afraid of us, make some overlooks and disappear in bushes.

Fox with prey in their teeth

After the several hundred miters we have took another encounter. The big bird is proudly crossing the road. It looks like the female of the grouse and big as small chicken.

Capercaillie on the road

There are not many people in here, so animal are not afraid of them.

Picturesque lake

We have reached the small, but very comfy caf? called “The Saams Cafe”. It looks like the Swedish one. The wooden house is standing at the lake coast within the bunch of slender birches. The owner is not looks like saamy, but give us the homemade bakery. There is also the souvenir and furniture store.

On the veranda, “Sami” cafe

The nature is saves her primal look, which she has after the last iceberg.


Sometimes you can meet the stormy rivers with waterfalls. We are stops and making shots near the remains of the windmill.


There are also many swamps. This photo helps us to win the one of Grand Jury photo. I have fixed how Sasha shots the swamp.

Swamp in the pines

We have reached the next resting place. This is an amazing location, which looks like hobbits living place. This is the mount with vertical gardens and valley with giant lake, the shattered ground where the cows are pasturing. This is the Sweden village and the reservation.

Hill and lake

There is a little funny raft with engine and house for shepherds.

Raft and house for shepherds

Our nighttime should being at the lake’s beach. The sun is setting down to the horizon by the long projectile.

The fire of dead wood on the rocks near the lake

The coast near the lake is made of stones, and we are spend some time for reaching the place we needed.

Water and stones

To be continued…

Table of Contents: Raid Paris – North Cape 2010 Daily Reports

  1. 3 July. Paris. The beginning of The Raid
  2. 3 July. The beginning of The Raid. Part Two
  3. 4 July. Denmark. Copenhagen
  4. 4 July. Denmark. Ferry on Svedish side
  5. 5 July. Sveden. Hamlet and the people
  6. 6 July. Sveden. Stockholm
  7. 6 July. Scansen
  8. 7 July. Helsinki
  9. 8 July. One hundred thousand of lakes
  10. 9 July. Finnish lifestyle
  11. 10 July. Finland. Passing the night on nature
  12. 11 July. Silent people
  13. 11 July. Rukka resort
  14. 12 July. Trip through the natural reserve
  15. 13 July. Finland
  16. 14 July. Finland. Further to the North
  17. 15 July. Norway. Hemningberg
  18. 16 July. On the place. North Cape
  19. 16 July. Mageroya
  20. 17-18 July. Trip to the Soroya Island
  21. 19-20 July. Tromso
  22. 21 July. Lofoten Islands
  23. 22-23 July. Norway. Hobbits and foxes
  24. 24-25 July. Sveden. Deers and camping
  25. 26 July. Norway. Trondheim
  26. 27 July. Norway. Trollstigen
  27. 28 July. Norway. Bergen
  28. 29 July. Return
  29. 30 July. Holland
  30. 31 July. France. Ending of The Raid
  31. Paris – North Cape 2010. Results
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