16 July. On the place. North Cape

The day of 16-th July started at the evening of previous one. Every crew was gathered in one place. The column starts moving to Nord-Cape – the destination of our journey. Three cars are following us. We need to overcome twenty kilometers to reach the point.

RearguardTwenty more crews are moving forward. In the far left we can see the cape. We have planned the walking trip to it.

Column tightened

At last we can see the inscription in Norwegian: “NordKapp”. This is the departure to the territory of the tourist complex. It stands at the height of 300 miters according to the level of the see on the high mountain with the steep coast. This is the midnight, but it still shiny, because of different polar circle.

Cherished plate

There are a lot of people at the square, whom I would call “the northern pilgrims”. People are made the hedge to the northern part of the Europe on the buses, cars, motorcycles and even on bicycles. The mixing of the people remind me the Babylon. We have met the motorcycle team from Italy (they are got two girls), Germans, Japanese (all along) and Sweden.

Prius reached!

We are making the circle of honor over the monumental globe and stops near in the raw of other crews.

Oksana and Antoinette

The Champagne, which was prepared earlier, was poured into the glasses and everybody is drinking. The temperature is 8 Celsius, the wind is piercing, and honestly we want something warming.

Tourist complex at the top of the North Cape

From the top of the cliff you can see the other capes. The far left one is going into the sea a little bit more northern, than the one we are standing on. But it don’t have appropriate square for tourists and car’s parking :). Tomorrow we shall go there by our legs.

Northern capes

By the sayings of the witnesses we were very lucky with the weather. We have seen the sea downside. Most of the time the peak is covered with fog. Somewhere in the midnight the cover of clouds has been torn apart for a minute. The sun, which never set at this time of the year, has finally showed up.

Near signs indicating the geographical coordinates of the place

We have made some shots under the globe – this is the unquestionable ritual for all gests. A lot of people are photographing with their country’s flag.

Photo for memory

There is the Philips team – his family and support in the raid.

Organizers team

There are our main rivals in photographing.

Julien and Andrian

The comfy camping has taken us after the Nord-Cape.

Norwegian camping

We could take a little rest. At the morning we’ve got the raid through the Mageroja island. As we were informed, the Russian scientists have delivered far-southern crabs to the Murmansk. There have breed and multiply all around the Norway coast. When the scientists are yelling on each other about the consequences of that, locals are already chasing the crabs. Also that is done for the tourist enjoyment.

Boy with crab

The second valuable attribute of the Norway lifestyle is the cod. People are drying it all over the place.


The real mystery is why the seagulls didn’t stall it. The insects feel bad at this temperature, so there are just nothing of them.

Older vehicles – passion Norwegians

We have visited a few comfortable towns on the Mageroja. Deers are browsing near the roadside, but there are very few of them in the Nord-Cape region. There is a big plateau and it is not necessary to run on the road.

Shedding deers

There are very beautiful bay, especially when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Such weather here is extremely rare – only 3-5 days per year.

The bay

There are no trees on the plateau.

Short stopoverThere are not a lot of human signs, but the roads are perfect.

Lake and river

The houses are very scenic. The water in the bay is green as in every Norway.

Toy” island in the gulf

A small village

The town is on the edge of the gulf

Houses at the water’s edge. At the top – snow facilities.

To be continued…

Оглавление отчета о рейде Париж – Нордкап 2010
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