24-25 July. Sweden. Deers and camping

We have abounded the Overpolar. The sun just started to set. Our stop was on the coast of the lake. There was a bit of cold tonight, but the rising sun has quickly warmed the air and the earth. We climbed on the top of the mountain. It was somewhere near 600 above the level of sea.

Oksana overcomes creek

First the route was leading through the wet forest. You should remain cautious there. After a while the forest has ended and the path has leads us through the Alpinish-muluse. Unexpectedly the way was restricted by the small horizontal snowhill. There was a little stream in it.

Snowy glacier with a tunnel

The water has penetrated the snow wall and created a tunnel, through which the sunlight is falling.

Water rushing over rocks fun

We have used it and make a little photo session inside this little Ice Age.

Snow wall with rift

Soon we have revealed that this snow is sky-blue on the lights way.

Indeed, just like in the cartoon

The water warm has created the enchanting teeth on the snow surface.

Snowy glacier. Inside view

The iceberg should be melted till the end of summer, but there is a lot of snow even if today is July 24.

The steep climb up

Then the route is moving up through the grass and rocks.

The lake and its surrounding peaks

The Norway is just after this big plateau.

Lake-Polar marshy landscape

There is a view from the flat peak on the tundra with numberless lakes and swamps.

Peacefully grazing herd of reindeer

Down the cliff after the big stone we have noticed the female deer with two offspring. I decided to shot here closely.

Deer herd rises

The deers have proved their reputation of not-too-domestic animals. The herd has come quickly and has climbed up to us. There they have stopped and star gaze at us with loud sounds. Especially impressive were the big males with spreading horns.

Deer expect

For some reason we have retreated to the pyramid of stones. But deers didn’t plan to attack us. So they gazed a little bit more and then continue their own circle raid (as it should be – counterclockwise) on the steep slope.

Herd leaves

Everything happened very quickly. The deers are moving on the stone and swamps agile, easy and more elegant, than through the asphalt roads.

Deer, drifting across the plain

At the end I have made the photo of the herd. There are more than hundred members (you can close up the photo). Many of them are carrying the red markers and the collars.

House of deer

The way back we have diversified with descent of snow.

Winter fun

From the inside the snow is covered with dust, which is came here with wind.


The weather was great. You can do like lizards – climb on the stone and warm up.


After the go down we have hardly take one’s leave with the reserve and moving to the well-equipped Swedish camping.

Exemplary camping

The day was warm and sunny. We have rented the comfy wooden house with 200 crones.


The camping got a small swimming pool where everybody having a good time.


The rest of the crews were gathered on the lawn with two ranks.

Alan and Antoinette’s “Defender

The sun is setting very long and it’s rays has made the lake golden. The same happened with other stuff.

Huge German camping car

I have revealed a few new and hearing-similar Swedish words.

Female shower

Every language got similar meaning with words “DUSH”(shower) and “DAM”(female) .

Male shower and toilet

To be continued…

Lake with red and white walkways (Swedish colors)

Table of Contents: Raid Paris – North Cape 2010 Daily Reports

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  6. 6 July. Sveden. Stockholm
  7. 6 July. Scansen
  8. 7 July. Helsinki
  9. 8 July. One hundred thousand of lakes
  10. 9 July. Finnish lifestyle
  11. 10 July. Finland. Passing the night on nature
  12. 11 July. Silent people
  13. 11 July. Rukka resort
  14. 12 July. Trip through the natural reserve
  15. 13 July. Finland
  16. 14 July. Finland. Further to the North
  17. 15 July. Norway. Hemningberg
  18. 16 July. On the place. North Cape
  19. 16 July. Mageroya
  20. 17-18 July. Trip to the Soroya Island
  21. 19-20 July. Tromso
  22. 21 July. Lofoten Islands
  23. 22-23 July. Norway. Hobbits and foxes
  24. 24-25 July. Sveden. Deers and camping
  25. 26 July. Norway. Trondheim
  26. 27 July. Norway. Trollstigen
  27. 28 July. Norway. Bergen
  28. 29 July. Return
  29. 30 July. Holland
  30. 31 July. France. Ending of The Raid
  31. Paris – North Cape 2010. Results
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