15 July. Norway. Hemningberg

The raid is continuing. We have passed the borderland of the Norway this morning, and everything around has entirely changed. Even in July this place is cold one. Instead of forestry highlands and blue lakes we saw a green water of the fjords with orange benches during reflux. And there are a lot of mountains. They are scenic and have a lot of water streams.

Road to Hemningberg. Edge of the Europe

Our way was leading through the coast because of the very curvy relief. The web of the Norway automobile routes is not too thick. It is really hard to get lost. Some regions got a very thin one-line roads with a pocket-ways. If two cars meet each other, one of them can drive on the roadside. The pointing as always in Scandinavia is the best. You can meet not only dears, but also the herds of sheeps. They are very curious and not afraid of people. Usually, everything got the marking.

Sheep on the road

The grey rock of local scenic mountains usually covered with moss.

The abstract image of lichen

There are no trees, only the bushes which can be used as a fuel. The sun is almost didn’t set because it is a middle of July. The North polar circle we have pierced in the region of the airport Rovaniam, far away on the south from this place. Also there is Santa somewhere.

Barents Sea coast near Hemningberg.

The strong cold wind is blowing and your respect towards locals starts to grow.

Rocky ledges

The road was made in the wild mountains, which are mostly vertically run high on the coast.

Prius on the road in rocks

Our ending point for today is the small hamlet Hemninberg on the west outskirts of Norway. Farther lays only the Russia. There are not many houses in the village, neither locals, but there is a camping and the capital toilet, which our colleges were searching on the cars at morning.

Small houses under the earthen roof. Hemningberg

Sometimes the sun is come from the clouds and you can see the brightness of local houses. Instead of Finland and, of course, the Sweden, Norway buildings are painted in colors. Sometimes you can meet the traditional red ones. In local cafes is normal to hang the old black-white photos.

Brown coastal strip. Konigsberg House.

We can’t stand a chance and made a traditional photo with the lifebuoy on the piers.

Red lifebuoy

You can see the webs on the drying place.

Рыболовецкие сети

The blue sky is very close behind the gloomy storm clouds – this windy conveyor of Gulfstream.


The green of bushes is trying to move through the stones. There is enough water, no powerful frosts, but the warm and light is not to many.

Stream among stones

The nature around is impressively beautiful. Humans are also looks pretty quiet and harmonically.

Boat in a sunbeam

After the Hemningberg we will have to made another crossing to the North on the Mageroja island.
To be continued…

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